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Главная » Разное » How anabolic steroids affect the human body and psyche

How anabolic steroids affect the human body and psyche



The topic of steroid use invariably causes debate between those who consider them a quick way to achieve their “dream body” and those who are categorically against their use. The chief psychiatrist-narcologist at our clinic, Vasily Shurov, talks about what these drugs are, when they are used and what myths about them you should believe.

What are anabolic injectable steroids online?

Anabolic steroids (AAS) are drugs created on the basis of testosterone and synthetic androgens with a similar effect. They accelerate protein synthesis in cells, allowing you to quickly build muscle mass.

In Russia, AAS are included in the list of potent substances and are mostly prohibited. Those that are not prohibited for sale are sold strictly with a doctor’s prescription.

In medicine is used for:

– treatment of endocrine disorders and diseases of the reproductive system in men (for example, hypogonadism – delayed puberty);
– therapy for metastatic breast cancer in women;
– recovery of patients in an exhausted state (after severe operations, burn disease, dystrophy, etc.);
– as maintenance therapy for people with HIV and AIDS.


Anabolic steroids were discovered back in the 30s of the 20th century and they quickly found application in sports. At that time, there was no such thing as doping, so bodybuilders, athletes and other athletes actively took advantage of the opportunity to “stimulate” their bodies. However, when it became clear how dangerous such stimulation was, sports organizations backed down.

In 1973, the International Olympic Committee classified steroids as doping drugs and banned their use by athletes of all sports.

It quickly became clear that anabolic steroids have a lot of side effects. Here are just a few of them:

AAS enhance protein production not only in muscles, but also in other tissues and cells. Therefore, the heart and intestines, for example, also increase in mass and volume. Therefore, if you see a professional bodybuilder with a bulging belly, then the cause of this problem can often be due to excessive use of steroids.

When an athlete on steroids begins to quickly gain muscle mass, his ligaments and joints do not have time to adapt to the increased load. Risks of various kinds increase sharply. traumatization.

AAS have a virilizing effect on women: the voice becomes lower, the skin deteriorates due to dysfunction of the sebaceous glands, general metabolism is disrupted, libido increases, body hair growth increases, and the hair on the head begins to thin out. Clitoral hypertrophy may occur.

If the dosage and duration of taking AAS are not observed, hypertrophy of the heart muscle develops with the occurrence of heart failure. Heart attacks have caused the death of such bodybuilders as Shawn Rhoden (46 years old), Dallas McCarver (26 years old), George Peterson (37 years old).

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