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How not to lose Instagram followers


how-not-to-lose-followers-on-instagramInstagram followers not increasing? Notifications come, but in fact the number is still there? Someone is playing cat and mouse with you, that is, on Instagram “subscribes / unsubscribes”.

How often do you grab your head when you see how many followers have left after the weekend, or worse, after the vacation?

You have every right to be nervous especially since there is no such phenomenon in other social networks.

First of all, you need to understand and remember that, according to the rules of the social network, everyone has the right to subscribe to you and unsubscribe whenever they want. If you remember this rule, It will save you the frustration of painstakingly building your community to reach 5000 instagram followers.

Of course, for some, the platform is a place where they can have a good time, and the lack of subscribers does not bother them. But, If you are serious about building your brand and plan to take full advantage of it in the future, it is important to understand why Instagram followers are lost.

The reasons for the drop in the number of subscribers can be mundane

Non-compliance with the contract

People from other countries are watching you here. Users, who decided to subscribe to your account could have done so for three reasons: because of one of your messages, because of your name and photo, or because of your content, where you clearly promise the subject area in which you will work.

Maybe because of inspiration or lack of inspiration, you fill the wall with content, which does not constitute any meaningful whole. Even worse, you endlessly diversify your audience with filters, ideas, and edits. The viewer stops looking at you, not because he does not like you, but because he does not understand you

Lack of regularity

Everyone needs a break, and there is nothing wrong with that. Social media regularity is the pace you choose to impose on yourself, and the frequency is up to you. When setting a frequency limit, keep in mind that accounts with one post per month are considered inactive and theoretically cannot grow.

The ubiquitous subscribe / unsubscribe

The third reason is the game which other account holders are trying to play with you and are eagerly awaiting subscribers. They are definitely playing FUF with you. It is an acronym for the unflattering technique of follow-not-follow.

Instagram is the fastest growing social network. To work effectively here, you need to gradually and skillfully implement the secrets of effective account development.

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